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Last Minute Valentine: Gentlemen's Gift Guide

February 10, 2016

The week before Valentine’s Day can be a scary time in a man’s life…especially if you’re someone like me that tends to procrastinate gifts, events, or basically anything that involves planning.  When I find myself scrambling to find a gift for my girlfriend, there’s one store that I can always rely on, and it’s Vintage Charm.

Full disclosure, my mother owns Vintage Charm, so I am 100% biased – but the countless coworkers and friends I’ve introduced to VC can attest to how easy the girls there make it to find that perfect gift. Vintage Charm will earn you tons of brownie points, or in my case, actual brownies (my girlfriend is a top 10 baker in the world). 

Vintage Charm has made it even easier for us men through their website  Now I can find the perfect gift without leaving the house and you can always dial up one of their stylists for the latest recommendation.

I’ve gone ahead and asked the girls of VC, what are the surefire gifts that will make your partner happy, and leave some money left over for a date?
  1. Blessing Bracelets – Remind your loved one that they’re a blessing every day with these bracelets. ($25)


  1. Lily and Laura Bracelets – A Vintage Charm staple – perfectly complements the Blessing Bracelets. ($38 for 3) 


  1. Grateful Sign – Just moved in together? Look no further. ($110)


  1. Let's Stay Home Pillow– “Or we can go out if you want to...” ($58)


  1. Bae Pillow – Because sometimes you don’t know how to express your love. ($38)


Still need help?  Give Vintage Charm a call at 708-354-1553 or stop by one of their 3 locations in La Grange, Bucktown, or Claredon Hills and their stylists will help you find the perfect gift for your Valentine.


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