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Stuff Your Stockings

December 17, 2014

Only eight more days until Christmas! All the presents are festively wrapped under the tree awaiting to be fervently opened Christmas morning. But don’t forget about the cheery stockings hanging on the mantel! Vintage Charm has all the perfect finds to rock the stockings off everyone on your Christmas list. VC’s accessories, small home décor, jewelry, books and more are affordable finds to stuff any stocking. Below are 10 special, coal-free stocking stuffers.

  1. Lines For All Occasions Book: Guilt Trips & Mind Games; Pickups & Come-Ons, $9

  2. Petal Lane, Tile Quote Magnet, $8

  3. Hothead Accessories, Hair Ties, $20

  4. Chic Buds, Clutchette Power Purse, $59

  5. Lokai Bracelet

  6. Catseye London, Small Bag, $18; Large Bag, $29

  7. Shannon Martin Match Box, $6

  8. Ben’s Garden, Coasters, $44

  9. JC Jane Tran, Bubble Bobby Set, $28

  10. Towne & Reese, Carter Earrings, $32

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