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5 DIY Tricks to Update your Closet

March 18, 2015

Admit it. Your heart jumped a beat and you had an “ohh, ahh” moment as soon as Big opened the doors to Carrie Bradshaw’s shiny, flawless closet in Sex and the City: The Movie. Why can’t that be my closet? That is my dream closet. Look at that shoe rack. My shoes need a new home. Look at those double doors. My closet needs double doors. Carrie sparked a serious closet envy sensation.

 There are hundreds of Pinterest boards and thousands of pins for “Dream Closet” as women and men are ambitious to update their space and search for inspiration on how to do so. No matter where you live or how many pairs of shoes you have, your closet is simply never big enough or complete. But instead of gutting your closet or spending big bucks to redesign it, save your money and invest your time in clever DIY hacks that will give you a closet Cher from Clueless would be jealous of. Vintage Charm selected five DIY tricks that will give your closet just the makeover it needs. You will be shocked at what such small (and affordable) adjustments will do for your space. Slight updates to lighting, drawers, hangers and personal touches can create a leisurely and visionary space to get dressed in every morning. These DIY projects help your closet become everything it should be: stylish, functional, personal and organized. BONUS: They are fun to do! So roll up your sleeves, grab your toolbox and get crafting. Worried your closet is too small? Don’t sweat it. These tips hold true for any closet, no matter the size. From festive, crochet clothing hangers to a movie star kind of mirror, these stylish solutions will turn your closet into an ordered, creative haven.

1.) Hollywood Style Mirror


2.) Playful Hangers


3.) Jewelry Hanger


4.) Shopping Bag Décor


5.) Embroidery Hoop Hamper


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