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Tips on How to Fill Your Home With Vintage Finds

May 14, 2015
We live for the thrill.... the thrill of finding unique vintage treasure that is. Our new arrival, Fashionably Worn by Leigh-Ann Pow, has got our creative juices flowing and is now our new favorite book. This page turner is filled with advice and tricks on anything and everything vintage. From what to look for at markets to her own personal home decor inspirations, Pow covers it all. Fashionably Worn has all the tips you need to fill your space with beautiful vintage finds. Below are some of our favorite tips from the book. 

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Things you Should Never Tell Yourself to Justify a Purchase
‘But it’s only ten dollars!’
“Sometimes something that costs $10 is only worth $10, if you know what I mean. Ask yourself if you would pay double the price for the same thing; if the answer is yes, then it really is a bargain.”

What to Look Out for at Markets
“Don’t bother with best-sellers. Instead, pick old children’s hardbacks with colorful illustrated dust jackets to stack or frame, or inexpensive novels with fabric covers that can be colour-blocked on your shelves.”
Small Furniture
“Look out for stools that can be used as cute little occasional tables, chairs that present an interesting upholstery project and bedside tables.

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That
“Who says you can’t cherry-pick from different eras, aesthetic movements and price points? ….. Some of the most compelling interior combinations mix French antiques with 1970s accent pieces, with a pinch of IKEA thrown in for good measure. “

Try Not to be Precious, Petal
“There’s no point filling your home with look-but-don’t-touch antiques if life is a daily circus of kids and pets and friends and family. The most welcoming homes are those in which the occupants are completely comfortable. “ 

Decorating with Old Pieces is like Putting Together a Jigsaw Puzzle
“If you are starting a room from scratch, approach things gradually, bringing on one thing after another until you are happy with how it all fits together.”




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