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Father's Day Gifts

June 12, 2015

The word dad has so many meanings. A dad is a hero to a son, a first love to a daughter, a quarterback to a family, a rock to a wife and a best friend to many. With Father’s Day less than two weeks away, it’s time to search for the perfect gift to let pops know just how special he is. Hate to break it to you, but ties and golf balls aren’t as great as you think they are. Come on, the man works hard! Get him something that will really knock his socks off (And no, do not get him socks). Luckily for you, Vintage Charm has gift options for all the cool fathers out there and found other gifts online that are definitely dad approved. Stop by and let us help you find that must-have gift for your dad!


Go Chicago go! These marble coasters are a touchtown, goal and home run of a gift. Chicago photographer, Denise Riesen, transforms her photos of Chicago's most iconic landmarks and sports teams onto tiles. The perfect addition to a man cave. ($15)


We know you love your lilac and peony scented candles, but give a guy a break. Give the gift of a manly scent with Man Cans. With scents like Memphis Style BBQ, Cigar, Campfire and New Car, your dad is sure to catch the candle craze. ($9.50)


Sometimes the smallest gifts have the biggest impact. A sentimental sign for your dad to put in his office or bedroom. ($12)


Stumped on what to get your rockin’ dad? One ticket to a Dad Rocks concert! This Etsy find is a handmade letterpress concert ticket to see your dad shine on stage! A thoughtful and humorous gift for the dad who loves to rock out.


There is nothing sadder than a man’s face when he takes a sip of a warm beer. Now you don’t have to put your dad through that torture. The Arctican is a drink-cooling extraordinaire that keeps beverages three times colder using a double layer of vacuum-insulated steel and an ice-cooled base. ($19.95)


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