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Vintage Charm Must Haves, The Sister Project Edition

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For as long as I can remember, the sisters of The Sister Project have been shopping at Vintage Charm for everything, from Christmas presents to the perfect accessory. I remember hearing a rumor way back when, that my preschool friend's mom was going to open a cool, new boutique in downtown LaGrange and naturally, all the girls were freaking out. Allow me to digress for just a moment. As I mentioned, I was good buddies with AJ, the oldest of the Allodi boys, during our preschool years. I vividly remember Mr. and Mrs. Allodi driving us around town from birthday party to birthday party. AJ and I were always in the back seat and I just loved talking to him and his parents as they chauffeured us around the suburbs, though, I'm not sure AJ shared my same sentiment. On one ride home, while chatting away, AJ turned to me and says, "Lauren, you are such a chatterbox!".  What preschooler says "chatterbox"? Lol! I will never forget that. We're still buddies to this day and I'm confident he still thinks I'm a chatterbox, along with the rest of the world.
Back to the LaGrange Vintage Charm, it was exactly what the neighborhood needed. We needed the type of place that made it easy to stop in to find a gift, a dress, a birthday card and perhaps a little something for yourself, all in one stop. And that's coming from someone without any kids, so I can only imagine the convenience Vintage Charm is for moms on the go. When I moved downtown, there was definitely a part of me that missed my neighborhood boutique...but lo and behold, it didn't take too long for Nancy to open a second location in Bucktown. Praise Jesus!
Feeling a little nostalgic, I decided to head out to the LaGrange store this week to see what was going on for the fall season. I definitely was not disappointed! Fans of VC know there is a little of everything, so I went in to see what the current "Must Haves" are.  Here are my top ten Vintage Charm pieces you may want to go in and check out for yourself.

I was gifted two Nora Fleming platters and accessories for my shower and I can't get enough of them! With the fall and Halloween season coming at us full throttle, these two are the perfect ones for the season. I mean, who doesn't want a gigantic eyeball staring at you as you stuff your face with artisanal cheeses and crackers? I know I do!

Bracelets are my thing. When I find one that speaks to me, it's hard for me to resist. These spoke to me, especially the soft pink one. Any one of these would add that fabulous feminine touch to any ensemble. Plus, you can wear it casually or add it to a fancy night out.

Two of my favorite things: notebooks and saying "I'm over it." Everyone should have a little pad of paper in their bag or purse to jot down "to do" lists, daily reminders and/or ideas they do not want to forget. Vintage Charm has a ton of awesome options! I am definitely not over this notebook, I must have it. #likenow

This is hands down, one of my top must have pieces currently at the LaGrange store. Whether fringe is in or not, I am all about it! This purse just screams fall. Throw that adorable wrap on with it and you are going to freak everyone out with how into fall you are. That's what I like to do to people.

A touch of lace is never a bad idea in my book. Whether it's under a tank, button-down or an off the shoulder sweater, it's the perfect mix of sexy and chic.

I don't think anyone can have too many cookbooks, however, my husband may disagree with me on this one. In any case, this here book has my name written all over it. The Forest Feast is an all vegetarian cookbook with a farm-to-table vibe to it. Not only do the recipes look exquisite, but the photos are beautiful and impeccable as well. You may want to add this one to your shelf. 

My sister Nicole always says if there is one thing I don't need anymore of, it's clutches. I think if she could, she would steal all of them from me. And I don't blame her, I've got some good ones! Every woman needs one or two stealable clutches in my opinion. This type of accessory can transform any outfit and is oh so ladylike. If you don't have one yet, no worries, I found one for you. Either of these would be the perfect pop for your little black dress. Plus, when you're at a wedding or formal dinner, all you really need is your phone, mints and lipstick, right? These two are stunning.

Unbeknownst to me, most of the light fixtures are for sale at the LaGrange store. Perhaps I only noticed because we recently bought our first home and I am now naturally on the lookout. In any case, I'm sure glad I know this now! Can we talk about this chandelier? Schwing! I am absolutely swooning over the natural look of it and I am all about the little, wooden beads. If this fit the feel of my home, it would already be hanging up. Perhaps, for a future lake home....?

If I could touch a cloud, I imagine it would feel like anything Barefoot Dreams creates. From their robes to this here little beanie, their products are beyond lush and cozy. Basically, I want to live in everything Barefoot Dreams. This is a must have hat for the colder season ahead of us. It'll for sure keep your little head looking cute and warm once the freezing Midwestern months set in. 

Although I love this piece, I think my sister Michelle would worship it. Flannel has made a major come back in the past few years and this shaggy twist to it has me feeling all sorts of YES! It's perfect for a day out at the pumpkin patch or while drinking craft beers around the bonfire. I have a feeling we'll see Michelle wearing this very soon, of course, while drinking craft beers around her bonfire. #duh
As usual, Vintage Charm is keeping up with the latest and most unique trends. And to the ladies in the western suburbs, you can thank Nancy Allodi for opening up her third boutique in Claredon Hills this past week! Thank you Vintage Charm for bringing cool ass accessories, clothing and gifts to the city and the suburbs. Keep up the good work and Happy Fall! Ok, gotta go and talk my husband's ear off!

Written by Lauren Massarella from The Sister Project Blog


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