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Sunday Funday Fall Crafts

October 25, 2015

Up and at 'em, fashionistas and do-it-yourselfers! Today we are going to get crafty and make something beautiful together. So let your creative juices fly (And it's okay if some of those juices are from the bottomless mimosas from brunch earlier). Below are three fall fashion crafts that are the perfect Sunday Funday activities and will keep you in style for the cold months ahead. And remember, in crafting there are no mistakes. Just unique creations. 


DIY Bejeweled Beanie by Fall for DIY
What you need: 
- Beanie
- Broken jewelry
- Needle and thread
- Remove any excess chain, jump rings or other findings from your jewelry.
- Thread your needle and sew the jewelry onto the hat making sure you cover every available section.
- Tie off the thread securely.
View more photos and full project here

DIY Sequin Elbow Patch by a pair and a spare
What you need:
- A knit
Sequin fabric
– Needle and thread
– Craft paper and pen
- Using your hand as a guide, draw an oblong shape on the paper.
- Cut the paper out and pin it to the back of the sequins.
- Cut the shape out.
- Do a second one the same.
- Thread your needle.
- Pin the patches in place, and then try on the sweater to make sure they are located in the right place. Then lightly stitch  them on, using a longer stitch on the inside of the sweater and a shorter one on the front so that the stitches are less noticeable.
- Stitch the other patch on, making sure to stitch in the right place so they look symmetrical.
View more photos and full project here!

DIY Stamped Scarf by Almost Makes Perfect
What you need:
- Craft foam with adhesive backing
- Wood block
- Jersey knit fabric
- Scissors
- Fabric paint
- Foam brush

-Trace your block onto the back of your craft foam to get an accurate size. you can also skip this step if you’re impulsive.
-Draw out your desired shape. i went with a striped pattern so just cut out a ton of lines. they’re definitely not perfect, but i think all the imperfections add to the charm of these.
-Remove the backing and stick your foam onto your wood block.
-Cut out a piece of fabric that seems like a good size scarf. this one measures at about 13.5″ x 65″. because it’s jersey, the raw edge is pretty unnoticeable and the edges roll nicely.
-Lay your fabric down flat on a work surface and tape down to secure.
-Brush paint onto your stamp and stamp away!

View more photos and full project here!


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