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8 Pieces of Jewelry to Pack for Your Next Vacation

Posted by Nancy Allodi on

Everyone needs high quality jewelry that will withstand the adventuring, swimming, beaching, tanning, or weather while traveling. Whether it’s staple gold/silver pieces or a new statement piece, we want you to feel fresh and confident in your accessories.

Logistically, it’s hard to find an earring that can withstand the lifestyle of a girl on the move. You will need a simple yet tasteful stud that moves with the updo’s and windblown beach hair. Maybe with a dainty sparkle? Our Cursive Star Earrings would be a perfect pick! We also carry stud Earrings Sets - nautical and tropical themed - so convenient and so many options!

Want to keep it cute and classy while tanning without getting funky jewelry tan lines? We got you! The gold Triple Heart Necklace is the perfect balance of dainty and chic! It will add that extra sparkle - without breaking the bank or creating jewelry trust issues. You don’t want to pull a Kim K and lose your diamond earring in the ocean;)

BUT! We also know some of y'all have multiple piercings - don’t let them go bare! Tastefully layer your ear jewelry with the Everlyn Studs. They will match with all the other jewelry mentioned!

On the other hand, for a night out, you may want to spruce up more than a stud - it’s time for glamor! You need a dangle or drop earring to match your dress and heels! Time for a statement earring. You can go for neutral or for color with the Tropic Beaded Hoops. If you’re looking for more of a statement, place the cherry on top of our outfit with the Brighter Days Earrings - probably the cutest earrings you’ll lay your eyes on (expect a lot of compliments on those!).

And last but not least, we can’t forget about a staple bracelet and rings. Meant to complement a beach day or a night out, we picked a couple pieces that will spruce up all your cute and casual looks. The Victoria Bracelet is a MUST. Falling into our “Lux For Less”, you will be rocking the expensive look without your wallet taking a hit. And finally, for rings, the Screw Design Ring and Linked Ring will complete an effortlessly glamorous look which will sparkle and glow right alongside your bronze tan!

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