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A Flight Away - College Essentials

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Moving your life onto an airplane or into the trunk of a car is a big step. Selective and strategic packing for a college dorm is an overwhelming task. Students and parents alike scramble at the last moment for the small amenities that provide security, comfort, and happiness. Vintage Charm has thought ahead for you regarding the essentials and comfort items that can fall through the cracks!

Sometimes what makes the biggest difference is the simple conveniences and shortcuts. Let’s talk toiletries. It can either feel like a potential explosion, excessive amounts of small bags, or tetris. We’ve conquered those inconveniences with our Skin and Makeup Cosmetic Bags. Our Skincare bags come in pink, blue, and green pastels. They are roomy and tall that you are likely to be able to include your hair care, brushes, perfumes, and deodorants (and possibly even more!) all in one place. Our makeup bags, available in navy, white, and hot pink, are wider to accommodate your palettes and brushes - quite spacious! Organizing your belongings and keeping track of them is now much easier!

Scents. They make or break a space. They aid in making a house a home. Candles, although they may not be able to light in a dorm room (or just don’t get caught LOL!) can still make a cute decoration or add touches of home. Our New Home Candle, with notes of jasmine, lime, and Oakmoss, serves as a wonderful gift to a college student. East or west coast? That calls for the Salty Surf Candle or Oceanholic Candle! Need encouragement? Check out our Here For You Candle or Be Gentle Candle for a sweet message when the homesickness sets in.

Check out the Encouragement tab under Gifts + Home for more merchandise that would be sweet to send to a friend or daughter! Coming from a college student who moved across the country, those surprise packages mean more than you realize:)

Now, we did say we’re here to make your life easier. We’re here to deliver this promise by introducing you to our gift sets! The Essentials Gift Set includes two Swig tumblers available in a pink diamond or cherry blossom pattern - perfect to keep a study coffee cold/warm for hours! Additionally, we carry the Breath of Fresh Air Gift Set which includes a “Bless You” tissue holder, “Have Faith” prayer box, and gold-dipped charm bracelet. This gift set is a concoction of a little bit of everything - essentials, encouragement, and fashion!

And last but not least! Don’t depend on an empty target! Get cute and classy splashes of color to decorate that dreary dorm room! Our comfy You Are Doing Great Pillow and Wild at Heart Blanket will add some personality to your bed. And don’t forget to keep track of those fun college photos using the Terra Picture Frame.

Congratulations on acceptance into college and Vintage Charm wishes you luck on the amazing journey ahead!

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