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Here Comes the Bride Guide

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Going down the Aisle

A new trend that has been absolutely taking over bridal fashion is wedding reception dresses! This dress is usually much shorter and more casual than the traditional wedding gown. A little white dress allows the bride to get loose and celebrate after the ceremony is complete. Many brides enjoy the opportunity to show off their personal style with a second wedding dress. Even if you aren’t planning on an outfit change at your wedding, you’ll want to get a white outfit ready for your other bridal occasions such as your bridal shower dress, your rehearsal dinner dress, and bachelorette party dress! Vintage Charm has a large variety of options for these special events. We even have a special collection curated to help you get your wardrobe ready to say 'I do!' Below are some perfect examples of white attire for your big day!


 Going to a shower

Whether you take pride in being the best gift giver of your group or require a bit of inspiration, shopping for the best wedding gifts can be a difficult task. Most couples make a wedding registry to guide their family and friends with a list of  their most-wanted items. Unfortunately, usually the good stuff on the list goes fast—especially if you’re a procrastinator like I am (join the club). So, having a list of cute and sentimental gift ideas in your back pocket is helpful to impress the lovely couple on their big day. If you need some inspiration here are a few of our most popular wedding gift items!  

Going to a wedding

Having trouble finding a dress to wear to a loved ones wedding? Weddings are such special and unique affairs. Finding “the one” that makes you confident for such an intimate occasion can become a lengthy process. Luckily Vintage Charm carries formal dresses suitable for a plethora of special events! If you invest in a great quality dress, you can wear it multiple times on several occasions. Vintage Charm has a large variety of options for you to be the best dressed wedding guest! From casual to formal to something in between, Vintage Charm has it all! Whether you’re attending an outdoor afternoon ceremony in July or an indoor evening gala in a hotel in March, you’ll find something at Vintage Charm! Below are a few options from our online store!

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