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Paige’s Pageant Picks 

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As a candidate in the Miss America Organization, I love finding unique pieces that will help me feel like the best version of myself for competition! These finds are perfect if you are a candidate yourself, looking for an ideal gift for a candidate you know, or just looking for something fun to add to your personal closet! I hope that you love my picks! 

Travel Outfit: 

Traveling to and from competitions can be crazy whether you are driving or flying! I love being super comfortable but also fashionable because first impressions are everything! 

These pants are the perfect travel staple! Super comfy and stretchy, while still looking professional heading into registration!

I paired these pants with the Susie Puff Sleeve Top because it is a similar vibe; looking classy while being comfy at the same time! The great thing about Vintage Charm is that they have a whole section for tops under $60 so you can make sure you are making the most out of your pageant budget!

Interview Outfit:

The interview portion of the competition is one of the most critical phases! You get to speak to a panel of judges and tell them all about you and your Social Impact Initiative! I think that this dress is a perfect mix of professional and fun! I love wearing an outfit that is classy but still shows off my fun personality! I think this solid dress is the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch with fun accessories like the butterfly earrings shown below!

Appearance Outfit:

Now that you have shown your true self and the judges loved you, you have the opportunity to serve your community through your new title! Serving your community comes with a lot of appearance opportunities and I think this is the perfect outfit for that! This tweed blazer brings in your professional touch, but a pair of sleek denim or fun leather pants shown below, gives it that Miss America flare! Go out there and touch the community with your Social Impact Initiative and a radiant smile!

Good luck to all candidates competing this year! I hope to meet some of you soon! 


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