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Spring Trend Forecasting with the VC Buyers

Spring Trend Forecasting with the VC Buyers
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We know what you're thinking. "Spring?! How can I picture spring when I'm currently bundled head-to-toe and buried under two blankets with the fireplace roaring?" But at Vintage Charm we are looking on the bright (and much warmer) side. Spring is just around the corner, 61 days to be exact. So let's take our mind off the fact we might have to shovel snow tomorrow, and talk about spring fashion! At Vintage Charm, we typically buy about 4-5 months ahead of the season, which means our buyers are in full spring mode. Our buyers, Susie and Meggie, have been busy attending shows with our leader and owner of VC, Nancy, buying all things spring. Now they are here on the blog talking about what they have been seeing at the shows, and rounding up the top trends. From tie dye to romantic florals, come April our racks will be full of styles exhibiting these trends. So read below and learn how you can prep your shopping list for the approaching season!

    What are the top spring 2020 fashion trends?

    Tie Dye

    Susie- #1 for sure is tie dye. Tie dye is going to be everywhere. T-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts... everywhere. We just got a casual tie dye dress from Mododoc, and it is only January and it's flying out of here. Maybe it's the 70s in me, but I love tie dye and am so happy it's back. 

    Animal Prints

    Susie- It doesn’t matter what it is. Whether it’s leopard, zebra or even giraffe print, you will see it on dresses, tops and accessories. During Christmas people kept asking "Is this the end of leopard?". It will never be the end and you will see so much more of it going into spring and summer.

    Meggie- Leopard has been such a big print for us for a long time, but now we are seeing more obscure and fun animal prints we haven’t seen before. 

    Statement Sleeves

    Susie-  Statement sleeves are huge. This is the trend I am most excited about because I love fun and unexpected details. Not only will you see statement sleeves on tops, but also so many dresses.

    Midi Skirts

    Susie- Midi skirts are back! We started seeing them last year, but it took the customer a little time to feel comfortable styling them and realizing how easy it is to dress up or down. We ordered some really pretty pastel pleated ones I'm really excited about. In my opinion, Sanctuary has the best fitting midi skirts. We had a leopard one in the fall that was really popular, so we just ordered it in a daisy print for spring. 

    Romantic Florals

    Susie- We always see florals in spring, but what's trending are more delicate flower prints. More botanical and romantic. You will see it on dresses like crazy.

    Graphic Tees

    Meggie- Graphic tees will continue to be on trend this spring as well. Especially popular rock bands like Def Leppard, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. So make sure to go to iTunes and do your research so you can sport these cute tees!

    Susie- I went to so many concerts back in my day, and I wish I would have kept the tees. And some of them were tie dye! How perfect! I’m kicking myself I didn't keep them. That's a teachable moment for everyone. 

    Let's talk color! What colors are trending for spring?

    Meggie- Fall colors are making their way into the spring color palette. Taupes, browns, oranges and golds. The prints match the season, but the colors are a little more surprising.

    Susie- We saw a lot of highlighter-inspired neon and bold colors last spring and summer, and we will see those again, especially green. But softer pastels for spring will always be in as well. 

    What brand you are most excited about to arrive with their spring pieces?

    Susie- THML of course. They have a great color palette and always have unexpected details that I love.

    Meggie- Mododoc has a great spring selection. They have comfortable and cute tops, dresses and athleisure wear our customers love. 



    • The VC Team: February 07, 2020

      Hi Joann. Thank you for shopping at our La Grange store and for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to better our stores and brand, so we truly appreciate your input. I have passed your message along to our buyers and they are working hard to find more size inclusive brands and vendors. If you have any other feedback, please feel free to email us anytime at Hope you see you in the store soon!

    • Joann erazmus: February 05, 2020

      Love your clothes and Lagrange store but is there any possibility of getting more clothes in size extra large?? Unfortunately, 50 percent of American women are size 16 on average. I rarely can find a top or blouse to fit me in your store. Current Air is about the only brand I can wear, Joann

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