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Sleek & Eco Friendly USB Rechargeable Lighters

Sleek & Eco Friendly USB Rechargeable Lighters
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Do you have a storage cabinet dedicated to your candle collection? Is your home décor often coordinated with the colors of your candles? Does your heart break a little when a candle comes close to its last burn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we totally get you and this blog post is targeted to you. But now we have a more serious question for you… how many lighters do you currently have in your junk drawer? The answer to this question might shock you and igniting your favorite candle with these lighters might have a greater ecological impact than you think. Americans throw away over 350 million disposable lighters each year. Each disposable lighter is non-recyclable, full of harmful chemicals and ends up sitting in a landfill for years.

As candle connoisseurs ourselves, we found the solution! Meet our new favorite home find – USB rechargeable lighters. These sleek and eco-friendly lighters are designed to last forever. They utilize flameless single ARC technology for a clean, butane-free ignition, and are guaranteed to never run out of fuel. Recharge it, just like your phone. Get up to 300 lights per 1.5-hour charge. Use them for more than just candles as they are also suited for barbecues, stoves, fireplaces and any gas appliance. They are easy and safe to use, featuring a single-button with a safety cover and retractable tip. Available in five different colors to match any space in your home.  These lighters make the perfect housewarming gift, and are a must-have tool for every kitchen and living room. Shop now


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