Behind The Scenes: Live Vintage Charm Trend Talk

Behind The Scenes: Live Vintage Charm Trend Talk

Behind The Scenes: Live Vintage Charm Trend Talk

Vintage Charm Team Vintage Charm Team

Lights. Camera. Action! We are taking you behind the scenes of this week’s live sale, VC Trend Talk! We go live on Facebook, Instagram and our mobile app to share the latest arrivals, trends and news from Vintage Charm. We have SO much fun creating these looks and spending our Wednesday nights with you all. Here’s a sneak peek of the process, prep work and what goes on behind the camera for each week’s live!

Prep Work!

Step one: Every Monday our stylists review the latest arrivals and work together to create a curated collection of what they think our followers will want to see that week. We have 3-6 models every week, each wearing 3-4 looks, so we create 12-18 looks total.

Step two: Dress rehearsal! We have each model try on their looks to ensure fit is accurate. And, as you know, Vintage Charm is your go-to spot for jewelry and accessories, so no look is complete without the perfect pair of earrings, necklace or purse!

Step three: After each look is finalized, we enter all the product on the backend of our e-commerce platform. This allows customers to shop items on our website and mobile app. Then, for convenient shopping, we organize our “What’s New” page on the website to feature the live items first.

Step four: We tag, steam and get all the featured items on the designated “Trend Talk” rack at our La Grange store. This way, when customers come in the next day looking for our Trend talk items, it is all on one rack for easy shopping and styling.

Step five: Lastly, we write cue cards for each look. Each card contains details about the item such as price, Comment Sold number, sizes available, fabric, etc.

It’s Showtime!

We start setup for the live at 5 PM at our La Grange store. Our setup includes two ring lights to ensure optimal lighting, two tripods to hold phones for recording and a computer to mange the Comment Sold software. We review the cue cards and outfit order with each model and test lighting. Then, it’s showtime! We go live at 6 PM sharp. We have 3-4 people behind the scenes answering questions, navigating Comment Sold, presenting cue cards for models and styling. After we wrap up, the crew celebrates and raises a glass to another successful live!

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